Planner Goodies – Michaels Stamp Set & Target Post-It Giveaway

Michaels Stamp Set & Target Post it

I love Planner Goodies & a few months ago I came across a great undated Target Post-it Calendar that I thought would be perfect to keep track of things.  It reminded me of how people like to do “No Spend” for a month.  I picked up a few of them thinking i’d like to trackRead more

Planners for 2017 & my first GIVEAWAY of the year

  I can’t believe it’s 2017! As I get older, time flies faster!  I have been in the planner community for 4+ years and have tried many planners over the years.  In my most recent video, I discuss the planners used in the past year and the one’s I’ll be using in the upcoming year.Read more