A few years ago, my girlfriend Shantel introduced me to the brand Natural Aloha which she found while at a craft show in Hawaii.  She told me this brand made an all natural deodorant in a small tin that was applied with your fingers. I was super apprehensive about the application process. Yet recently I had the opportunity to try out a bunch of products from Natural Aloha and I have fallen madly in love with this brand. 

Natural Aloha 

Here are the things I have and love:

THE PIT BALM – Natural deodorant – all natural ingredients that work to keep you smelling fresh all day

THE PIT BALM TENDER – almost identical to the original Pit Balm but for those, like myself, who are sensitive to baking soda.  

I love both Pit Balms.  I’m amazed at how awesome these are.  I don’t mind the finger application process as I initially thought I would.   In fact it allows me to use just the right amount and place it exactly where I need it.  I simply wash my hands after application, no big deal.  This has a faint smell of tea tree which helps kill odor causing bacteria.  This lasts me at least 10 hours without any trace of odor at all until I shower at night before bed.  A HUGE bonus is I haven’t had the wretched white deordorant stains on black clothes when I use this.  Who else hates those white stains? 

ALOHALICIOUS LIP BALM – I use this both morning and night and it’s been great at keeping my lips moisturized during these winter months.  It’s non-greasy and doesn’t have any scent or flavor which would be perfect for the sensitive nose.

CALM AND CLARITY AROMATHERAPY SPRAY – A blend of Witch Hazel and essential oils to promote calmness.  There are so many ways to use this spray:

  • I use this as a pillow spray to promote healing sleep.  
  • Steam show spray – I spray a few pumps on the wall of my shower, turn on the water and let the steam pull the essential oils out so when I step into my shower it smells like lavender which is known to calm the mind, body and soul. 
  • You can also mist the face when feeling a little stressed 
  • Or use it as a fixing spray after putting on your makeup to keep everything looking dewy with the added bonus of helping to calm you to deal with the day

OLENA BODY SCRUB AND BATH SALT – Every Sunday one of my Self Care rituals is a long hot bath among other things.   A combination of salts and Olena, Hawaiian Turmeric, which is known to help with inflammation and pulling impurities out of the body.  A few Sundays ago my body wasn’t behaving, I used this in my bath and when I got out I had zero pain, felt extremely relaxed and I was able to get a full nights sleep.

THE FIX – healing salve & pray – These are both great first aid items to have.  It helps with:

  • cuts
  • scrapes
  • acne
  • rashes
  • sunburn
  • mosquito bites etc

I plan to keep the spray at home in our first aid drawer and the salve will go into our travel first aid kit in order to pass TSA.

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to use these items and I love them all!  I use The Pit Balm Tender, Alohalicious Lip Balm and Calm & Clarity spray daily so much that I’m putting in another order!  

If you’re in Hawaii, pick these items up at a craft fair.  She has her schedule of fairs she’ll be at on her website.

If you’re elsewhere and would like to try these products for yourself, visit the online store.  I promise, you will not be disappointed. 



click the following links to take you directly to the online shop and don’t forget to follow her on social media 


If you’ve tried her products and have recommendations of the ones you love, let me know in the comments below!  







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