hardwood floor products
hardwood floor products


It’s been roughly 2 years since we installed dark hardwood floors throughout the downstairs in our current home. Our previous home had lighter wood floors. I love the dark wood but it’s a little tricky to maintain. Everything shows against the dark wood, so daily maintenance is a must. When we first got them, the installers suggested products to use but after 6 months, those same products dulled my floors.
I reached out to my followers on snapchat and got many suggestions. I tried them all and narrowed it down to ones that I found work for me and my floors.


Instead of sweeping, I ROOMBA. No not as in a dance but as in a vacuum. I’m super Lazy and prefer things that take minimal effort with maximum results, hence the Roomba 890. Roomba has many models but this one happened to be on sale in 2017 and was a Christmas gift from my mom. I’ve programmed it on my phone to run twice a day, mid-morning and at 5pm. It’s great for topical vacuuming but more importantly my sanity. After dinner & dishes I run a smaller stick vacuum before I mop. This one is ridiculously cheap but works like a charm.
Once a week I do a deeper vacuum, both on my hardwoods and carpet. I’m not on a strict schedule with vacuuming but if I had to guess, I think it usually happens midweek.


My friend Tiff, known for her great Christmas Crack recipe, suggested the Reveal mop. I use Bruce’s floor cleaning solution in the bottle. I’ve found Bruces to be best at cleaning the hardwoods, quick at drying and doesn’t leave streaks. Bruce’s also doesn’t dull the floor.



One a month I use Orange Glo 4 in 1 floor solution straight out of the bottle to give my floors that extra shine. I use a new reveal cloth pad & simply squirt the Orange Glo straight onto the floor and mop over it with my reveal. I find dark woods look much better high glossed. Reviving that high gloss is super simple and the dark wood looks like a boss when done.
Here’s my floor care routine in a nutshell:
  1. I run my Roomba which we lovingly named “Alfred”.
  2. Nightly after dinner, I quick vacuum the wood areas then mop with my Reveal mop w/ Bruce’s floor cleaning solution.
  1. I vacuum my floors both hardwood and carpets with my Miele vacuum.
  1. After vacuuming and mopping the hardwoods thoroughly, I shine my floor Orange Glo.

I try to keep my systems for home chores easy because there are tons of  other things I’d rather be doing then constantly cleaning.
If you have any simple cleaning tips or great floor products you use, please share them with me in the comments below.

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