Prepper’s Pantry Series Pt 1 – Storage

I have always had some items prepped in case of emergency but since March 2020, I realized it was barely enough. I had to reassess what I had on hand. 

Keep in mind:

1- I use to think people who prepped were crazy

2- I’m far from an expert level prepper



1- Multi use bins to store can & boxed items

2- Deep freezer for meat/fruits/veggies

3- 3 tier wire shelf for water bottles & gallons

4- 5 tier wide wire shelf for non perishable & household items

5- Collapsible water storage

6- Collapsible storage bags 

7- Water storage for cooking/shower/toilets in case of emergency

8- Mylar bags for long term dry good storage

9- 5 gal food grade bucket

10- Gamma lid for 5 gal food grade bucket

This is what I did to come up with a game plan:

  • Took inventory of what I had
  • Revisited our regular meal plans
  • Came up 7-10 struggle meals  (meals made on a tight budget)
  • Made a list based off of the 2 meal plans above 
  • Added necessities to that list (hygiene, household items, first aid & pet stuff)
  • Started stockpiling those items every week

In a matter of 4 weeks my preppers pantry was complete and a perfect addition to my working pantry. 

Now you might be wondering what’s a prepper’s pantry?  

In a nutshell, it’s a pantry that is well stocked in case of a natural disaster or food shortages.

The difference between my prepper’s pantry & my working pantry.

My working pantry is the items I use every day and pull from first to make meals or use in the house. 

In my prepper’s pantry I have things we would need in case of the two things mentioned above & since i’ve used our regular meal plans to stock my pantry, if I run out of something in my working pantry, I just grab it from my prepper’s pantry & restock it on my next grocery trip. 

When replenishing my prepper’s pantry, I use the rule of first in last out. Which means the last items in the back are used first & the new ones are put in the front. This ensures a system which keeps things in rotation without going bad. 

If you search online for prepper’s pantry, some have elaborate set ups filled with self canned items they grew on their land. I can’t grow anything besides herbs & aloe so that’s not an option for me. My prepper’s pantry are store bought items that works perfectly for our family.  

I also have different areas where items are stored:


  • Garage 5 tier wire shelf has non perishable items
  • Deep Freezer has meats & frozen fruits & veggies
  • Garage 3 tier wire shelf with water for drinking & cooking

AREA 2 – an unused closet off of my kitchen

  • Canned items 
  • Perishable items
  • Emergency & first aid items 

Here’s some things to ask yourself when starting your prepper’s pantry:

1- Where will I store my items? 

2- What do we use regularly that I need to be sure we have on hand at all times?

3- How much do I have allotted to spend toward my prepper’s pantry?

Any space will do & you can start purchasing items a little at a time each week by adding a few extra things on to your grocery list. Work with what you have & build on that.

HERE IS A LIST of items I have in my prepper’s pantry (area’s 1 & 2). Feel free to use it as a frame of reference for what you might need for your own pantry.  I also have a FREEBIE to start making your own list of items.




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