SnapChat Flashback Nov 11-12 2015

BIRTHDAY, AMAZON & CRAFTS…*singing* these are a few of my favorite things

As promised, I shall keep this post quick and simple.  The coin sorter my hubs used in the past and his new one I purchased for his birthday can be found on my favorite things site! Along with everything else mentioned in this video from the Amazon haul to the Ranger Craft Spinner.  Heads up, anything in purple is a clickable link and will take you directly to the website.  

The craft stamps, can be found either on my favorite things site or at Simon Says Stamps, one of my favorite online stores! The Zutter Bow it all can be found here or again on my favorite things site.

My brown sugar keeper, is honestly a must have unless you prefer to go the old fashion route and use a piece of bread to keep your brown sugar from drying out!  

I hope these things & links above are helpful to you!  Please note, some of the links provided are affiliate links and the little made from them goes right back into keeping my channel spiffy! Thanks in advance!  



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